Please welcome Diego Cabezudo, whom we’ve hired to be our COO. Diego left Ireland where he worked at O2 to return to his home country and join FON. We’re really excited to have him on board.

Diego worked for the british mobile operator O2 as head of strategy in Ireland, where, among other things, he designed and developed the first hotspots of the country and was responsible for the deployment and launch of 3G in Ireland. Likewise, he was responsable for the analysis of broadband wireless technologies (Wimax, mesh, TDD, OFDM, HSDPA, …) and all types of dirusptive technologies (VoIP, fixed-mobile convergence …). Before joining O2, Diego worked for DMR Consulting in Dublin, a strategy consultancy group, and for TeleCable on technology, marketing and commercial issues at the company, where he played a key role in the launching of one of the first broadband internet access services in Spain through a cable modem. Between 1999 and 2000, Diego also hosted a TV show on the Internet and new technologies on a regional channel in Asturias. Diego hold a degree of Advanced Telecommunications Engineering (Universidad Publica de Navarra), an MBA from the London Business School and UC Berkleyand. He is also a member of the IEEE association.

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Carlos F.Fuente on November 30, 2005  · 

Congratulations Diego!!! You’re the best, ;-D

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bob on December 1, 2005  · 

Good call – Diego’s a great lad. Ireland’s loss is Fon’s gain. Adios DC and good luck in the new job.

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