Belgacom (powered by Fon) has created an awesome campaign to advertise its fonspots. A dog called Fifi whose innate talent is to smell wifi hotspots.  In the middle of 2011, we announced the agreement between Fon and Belgacom and two months ago we reached 100.000 hotspots. Nowadays, we have 300.000,.

Here you can see the video. The story would be as follows: Jean has a dog called Fifi that barks when she finds a wifi hotspot, because of Fon and its agreement with Belgacom, this virtue has turned out to be his worst nightmare as she never stops barking.

In addition, Belgacom also created a game which consists of finding Fifi in one of the 300.000 hotspots Fon has in Belgium through Google Streetview.

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Cem Kemal on January 28, 2012  · 

Love the ad. But more so, the business model (the tie up with Fon and Belgacom). I am sure you are thinking of applying this model to hi-growth countries such as Turkey. I think that a similar deal to your Belgacom deal could be stricken with TurkTelekom & Fon.

On a side note, your mentee/mentoree Efe Cakarel (Mubi) is a close friend of mine and staying with me tonite at Istanbul.

Best regards – Cem Kemal Mimaroglu, Columbia MBA “02

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