Today, I am happy to announce that the company I started just over six years ago, Fon, has just passed the important milestone of five million hotspots.

Why is this important? Because while many have tried to build a large and global WiFi network, Fon has been the only company in the world to actually achieve this. No other network even comes close to us. Fon is everywhere, even in residential locations, where no other WiFi hotspots can be found.  Brussels, Lisbon, London and Tokyo are completely covered with Fon WiFi.

We are growing so fast, that in 2011 alone we added two million new hotspots. This year, I predict that Fon will grow its number of hotspots by at least 50 percent, so there is lots of work ahead to make sure this happens.

I am proud of Fon and its large, global WiFi network. I started this company with a goal to create a truly global WiFi community, where everyone sharing a little bit of their connection gets free WiFi anywhere in the world in return.

Every day, I feel that we’re getting closer to this goal. The WiFi revolution continues.

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Ken on February 22, 2012  · 

Hi Martin,

the whole payango congrats you on the incredible achivement!
keep up the goodwork.

cheers k.

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Fran on February 22, 2012  · 

Hello Martin, i’m the Fon user number 164 but i actually have my Fonera stored in its box because here in Spain or at least in the areas that i move there’s no Fon hotspots for me to connect.
It makes me sad, but i don’t see the point of using Fon when here in Spain there’s no partnership with any ISP to increase the density of Fon hotspots.

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Martin Varsavsky on February 22, 2012  · 

Fran, I have good news for you, we have made a big partnership in Spain, we will announce it later on this year. There will be tons of Fon WiFi in Spain as there is now in Portugal for example.

Fran on February 22, 2012  · 

That’s great!. I’m looking forward for the official announcement.

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Mike Tommasi on February 24, 2012  · 

French and Italian networks seem sparse. Do you have stats per country? I am fonero 5329387 🙂 Looks like F and I might need an extra push…

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