It all depends. Here are my ratings. This is a work in progress. But you get the idea. Maybe you don’t agree with them. Maybe you would add more categories. I have not tested any models lately with Symbian, with Windows Mobile, so they are not on the chart. For the Twitter category, Blackberry is also with Seesmic – I forgot to put it in the chart.

Results: Seesmic in the Blackberry is just super fast even though it looks better in Android. But the iPhone with Tweetdeck is also incredibly good, love the email the tweet feature. I forgot to include roaming charges. Blackberry wins that contest because it has compression. With the other two don’t even try. Get a PeekFON instead. We already pre-sold all the ones we have. But we will get more in 90 days or less. The PeekFON would be a clear loser in the quality competition. It’s not really a smartphone. But if you want affordable email without roaming charges no one can beat it. 30 euros for the PeekFON itself and 12,9 euros per month all the email you can eat anywhere in Europe, Australia, New Zeland and hopefully soon USA as well. PeekFON is work in progress.


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