There are many reasons why I think that Facebook will become the number one social network in the world and eventually surpass One is that it has managed to integrate a developer community of apps that is unrivaled. Two is because, as opposed to Myspace, it managed to span accross generations going all the way from teens to baby boomers. Three is because it allows for many different levels of involvement. The only limitation I see is the language, that it´s only in English.

I recently learned about Jaman and I liked what I saw. While most people think that piracy is about saving money I think that that is only part of the story. The other part is that content is easy to find, without commercials, in the language of your choice and unrestricted. But the problem with piracy is that the principle of torrenting is crowds, now what happens when there´s very few people on the net interested in watching a certain movie? That´s when Jaman kicks in, it´s about long tail movie content of the kind that I frequently love and can rarely find. Surprisingly the sustainability of Jaman may actually derive from the fact that most of its content does not have enough collective bandwidth to make it worthwhile to copy.

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