At Fon: we have partnered with Nintendo in Portugal, giving owners of 3DS consoles internet connectivity through our Zon@Fon hotspot network. With our more than 450,000 hotspots, this means users gain access to the largest WiFi network in Portugal. Thanks to Zon@Fon, Portugal is the country with the highest public WiFi density in the world. On average, about 1 out of every 10 Portuguese households has a Zon@Fon hotspot.

These are good news for Nintendo users, who now thanks to Zon@Fon will be able to access the internet at every Fon hotspot in Portugal. The 3DS console with Nintendo’s new SpotPass service will allow users to seamlessly receive push content including movies, cartoons and other exclusive content from Nintendo automatically, even while in sleep mode. Sharing Foneros will enjoy full internet connectivity with their 3DS.

The increasing popularity of  iOS and Android devices is a challenge for game console manufacturers like Nintendo, so this kind of partnership enables them to offer internet connectivity on the go even without a 3G card and to develop a new dimension of interaction with their users.

This offer will only be available in Portugal initially, but we plan to roll it out to other countries as well. This cooperation demonstrates the true value of a dense WiFi network not only for users, but also for gadget manufacturers and other businesses, who can offer a whole new dimension of user-experience by partnering with Fon. We will develop more partnerships of this kind in the future.

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steven on September 13, 2011  · 


It was allready possible since 2006 that a “nintendo ds/dsi/dsi xl” could connect to a fonspot (Fonera 2100 and alter) and perform things like “firmware updates” without the need to “authenticate” to the captive portal
It was very nice as these devices could not connect to a WPA accesspoint only WEP … unless you installed the last firmware

With the launch of the Sony Mylo something alike was done between Fon & Sony as well

Btw what will happen with customers that have a “bandwidth” limitation? suddenly people can use our fonspot to get HD content of 14gigabyte on their sony/nintendo device? some demo’s that are free on those shops are quiet big…


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