I don´t get it. I speak Italian. I love Italy. But so far, we have requests for FON from all the important countries in the world except Italy. Since FON has been disseminating over the blogosphere I wonder if Italy is somehow disconnected from the blogosphere in other languages. How can we get so much interest in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and France and not in Italy?

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Tobias on November 15, 2005  · 

In Italy, there was legislation passed recently that *requires* operators of public hotspots/Internet cafes to verify users using an official ID or by SMS. I think that may be a barrier for public hotspot services. What are your plans for this?

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stefano on November 16, 2005  · 

Maybe because FON in italian means hair-dryer?

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Philip Hemsted on November 17, 2005  · 

Hi Martin

Suggest connecting with Luigi Canali De Rossi a.k.a. Robin Good http://www.masternewmedia.org in Italy



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Antonio on November 17, 2005  · 

Italian blogosphere is almost completely self-centered. So yes right now we’re quite disconnected…
Then there’s also that issue about the anti-terrorism law.
I’ll cite this post for what it is worth. Especially because i tend to agree with your conclusion.

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Antonio on November 17, 2005  · 

Also you may be interested in knowing there’s a runner in the upcoming primaries for choosing the left candidate for the seat of mayor of Milano, who propose free WI-FI connection in the city if elected (inspired by San Francisco case).
Here’s the link: http://www.milanopartecipa.org/

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Luca Conti on November 26, 2005  · 

I try to do something for Italy: http://www.pandemia.info/2005/11/26/fon_non_dobbiamo_arrenderci.html

Please Martin, Can You open MT trackback? for your blog 🙂 Thank You

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Spataro on December 20, 2005  · 

I’m interested too, i’m Spataro, IusOnDemand.com.
I’m in Milan.
There’s a problem of laws. But i’m following what’s happening.

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Luca on February 11, 2006  · 

dear martin
I got answeres you need..let me say that is not simple SELL a router online in Italy ( providers give it free)
Second : Italy is preminent mobile telephone market ( doesn’t it nbr 1 in Europe?)when you’ll get technology VoIp++Fon+mobile’s producers) you’ll get success.

However I belive in you and your ideas , I’m trying to make my best speaking about FON with a lot of people


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