I find the tremendous acceptance of FON in Sweden surprising. Here we are in one of the world´s most advanced technology islands and yesterday at SIME, when I was done talking about FON (you download my powerpoint presentation here), somebody asked for a show of hands and around 70% of the audience wanted to become fonero. In other words, download our software which will be available on Monday and build the wifi nation. I thought that here, in the land of affordable 3G, people would prefer that choice. But the comments at SIME were so negative on 3G and so favorable on wifi that the whole thing made my day. Interestingly, I was approached by an Indian woman who wants to do FON in India. In India, FON is all about using wifi to reach many at a low cost, say a lot of mini Bills, in fonero language. But in Sweden it´s about Swedish people with the latest wifi enable gadgets wanting to find wifi signal everywhere. And they loved it when I said that the wifi nation already exists, that no additional expenditure is needed but the making of it with a clever piece of software. The largest hotspots networks in the world have less than 20,000 hotspots, T Mobile is a good example. Next Tuesday when we put our software on the net we don´t know what may happened but we believe that the chaos of random downloading may beat the central planning of large corporations and yield in a reasonable time the largest wifi network in the world.

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Mads Hofman Hansen on November 11, 2005  · 

I’m from Denmark! Live in Copenhagen, and love the idea!! I’ve already registred, and will encourage all of my friends to do the same!!

Let’s forever be free of 3G.. I’ve had it, and wasen’t impressed.

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Mehul Patel on November 20, 2005  · 

Just wanted to add my two bit, in India there are cities like Bombay (AKA Mumbai) and Delhi where people have maximum and most expensive Gadgets in the world, at some point Bombay has been comapred to Akira Habara of Tokyo where any Gizmo launched anywhere in the world you will definitely find few Kool Heads using them in Bombay already!

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