Last year we celebrated our first Menorca TechTalk, a gathering of Tech Entrepreneurs at my farm in Menorca. It was fun, relaxing, a great learning experience for all of those who participated and for those who attended the TechTalk itself which as last year it is open to the public on Saturday from 5pm to 8pm. If you would like to attend the TechTalk which is an informal presentation by some of the attendees of their companies and main activities you have to register via email telling Matias Bergmann at that you would like to come.

What follows is a list of the participants in the TechTalk. The gathering starts on Thursday morning and ends Sunday evening.

Alan Levy (Blogtalkradio)
Albert Martin (FON)
Alec Oxenford (Dineromail)
Alejandro Estrada (Dineromail)
Alexis Bonte (
Andrew Mclaughlin (Google)
Anil de Mello (Mobuzz)
Arturo Paniagua (Hipertextual)
Auren Hoffman (Rapleaf)
Benjamí Villoslada (Menéame)
Brent Hoberman (Mydeco)
Carlos Martin (IG Expansion)
Cedric Maloux (
Christophe F. Maire (Nokia gate5)
Dan Dubno (Blowing Things Up)
David Sifry (Technorati)
Demian Bellumio (Cyloop)
Eduardo Arcos (Hipertextual)
Efe Cakarel (The Auteurs)
Ehssan Dariani (studiVZ)
Esteban Sosnik (Vivendi)
Felix Fietkau  (OpenWrt & FON)
Felix Petersen (Plazes)
Hans Peter Brondmo (Plum)
Ibrahim Evsan (Sevenload)
Imre Kaloz (OpenWrt & FON)
Ivan Communod (
Jack D. Hidary (Hidary Foundation)
Jacob Hsu (Symbio)
James Gutierrez (Progress Financial)
Jennifer Schenker (BusinessWeek)
Joerg Rohleder (Vanity Fair)
John Markoff (The New York Times)
Joi Ito (Creative Commons, Six Apart Japan, Investor)
Jon Berrojalbiz (Trading Motion)
Jonas Birgersson (Labs2)
Jordi Castello (OLX)
Jordi Vallejo (FON)
Jose Maria Figueres (Grupo Felipe IV)
Jose Marin (IG Expansion)
Lars Hinrichs (XING)
Loic Le Meur (Seesmic)
Louise Blouin Macbain (Louise Blouin Media)
Lukasz Gadowski (, Investor)
Lukasz Wejchert (
Marc Samwer (European Founders Fund)
Marko Ahtisaari (Dopplr)
Mathias Entenmann (Betfair)
Matt Biddulph (Dopplr)
Megan Smith (Google)
Michael Jackson (Mangrove Capital Partners)
Michael Wolf (Farallon Point)
Nikesh Arora (Google)
Ola Ahlvarsson (Result)
Om Malik (Giga Omni Media)
Pablo Larguia
Ricardo Galli (Menéame)
RJ Friedlander (Grupo Planeta)
Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz (
Rodrigo Teijeiro (
Rupert Schaefer (DLD, Hubert Burda Media)
Scott Rafer (Lookery, Mashery, Winksite)
Thomas Crampton (Next Media)
Victor Martin Garcia (FON)
Zaryn Dentzel (Tuenti)

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Leo Prieto on May 6, 2008  · 

Que ganas de ir, pero tendrá que ser para el próximo año!

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wiseman on May 6, 2008  · 

Martin, will there be a live streaming (like to participate virtually?

3.0 rating

gab on May 6, 2008  · 


Esto es solamente presencial?…. Tiene algun seguimiento por WEB?


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Loic on May 6, 2008  · 

coming right now to Menorca! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”coming right now to Menorca! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

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Sergio Fogel on May 6, 2008  · 

I wish I had known earlier, I would have loved to come.

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Mike Butcher on May 7, 2008  · 

Sounds like a fascinating gathering.

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anne bartlet on May 7, 2008  · 

Um, there are like 2 women at your event.

There are no women in tech? Why is it when a man holds a tech event, he can only “remember” to invite men?

When will you start taking women technologists and founders seriously?

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Timo Heuer on May 10, 2008  · 

Would like to come next time. We’ll see.

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Rui Nunes on August 19, 2008  · 

Please, if possible publish a video of some of the presentations and the gathering.
I’ll thank you and wishes of a great knowledge exchange and friendship.

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advedopomyday on April 1, 2009  · 

Is it principled reproduction ? Already saw the yet info on this plot


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