We are making ISP deals around the world, but in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan ISPs have been the fastest in implementing these deals. The ISPs in this countries quickly realized that FON increases their ARPU, decreases their churn (cause FONeros don´t disconnect even when they travel, if not they lose roaming priviledges), decreases their advertising budgets (FON is viral) and makes it easier to sell broadband.

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Ta-Yi Lin on December 9, 2006  · 

I’m the coordinator of Taipei International Book Exhibition 2007. The topic is “Experiencing digital reading in the fture”. I would like to invite you as a sponsor of WLAN or a keynote speaker. There will be at least 450,000 visitors during the 6-day exhibition.

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Martin Varsavsky on December 9, 2006  · 

Thank you Ta Yi Lin! Will get back to you shortly. And again I really want to thank the people of Taiwan in general as not only FON is as successful as it is around the world partly thanks to Taiwanese engineering talent, but we already have the data on the first two days of growth of the Movimiento FON in Taiwan and we have orders for 2600 fonera social routers (access points).

This is the highest order per inhabitant ratio that FON has ever had in the world (other countries such as Germany and Japan had more orders on the first two days but they have 4 times and 5 times more people than Taiwan).

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