andomeda_2I was thinking that there are important things we know about the future and the universe. These are derived from the fact that we have not been visited neither by aliens nor by time travelers so far. If the universe was an exciting and lively place, you would imagine that by now we would have been visited by aliens. Or at least our radio telescopes would have detected amusing radio signals as our TV signals could be received from other places in the universe and find to be entertaining (at least some). But there is nothing. No aliens nor intelligent radio signals. We have been trying to find intelligent radio signals for 40 years now. Nothing. Boring. If there is something it’s too far away.

Secondly if time travel had been invented in the future or something that could travel faster than the speed of light, that would be incredibly exciting. But it hasn’t happened. No time travelers have shown up. This means that humans in the future don’t get to be so smart as to master time travel and come and visit us now, or it could also mean that we never get to the time in the future in which we master that because we blow ourselves up before. Lastly it could also mean that humans of the future find us not worth visiting or that they time travel but not back to our times.

So just by the fact that we have not been visited neither by aliens nor by time travelers we can estimate that most likely the universe or at least the universe that is “near” us is not that exciting, nor the future is as fascinating enough for humans to master time travel.

Now to end on a more positive note: maybe if the universe is uneventful and the future is not that exciting, we can rejoice in thinking that we are lucky to be the only ones who seem to be doing something lively and fascinating in the universe, right here, right now, on Planet Earth. Let’s enjoy it!

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