As a Jew I want to see a Palestinian state. I just don’t know how to guarantee that this state will not be Hamas controlled and focused not on its own success but the destruction of Israel. Gaza has been a terrible example of what may happen in all of Palestine. And at the same time I think the Israelis are so in the wrong for allowing more settlements. Having said this, if those people are fanatics who want to be in Palestine I think the Palestinians should keep them and tax them. The GDP of the 300K Israeli settlers may be as high as that of the millions of Palestinians. Why chase them away?

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Ouriel Ohayon on September 26, 2011  · 

martin, the problem of the settlements is real. Settlements have to be stopped.

but the major problem is that the palestine leaders do not want to recognize israel’s right to exist as a jewish state. not because of the settlements but because of what they think Palestine DNA is. For most palestinians the “right to return” means returning to Israel, tel aviv, beesheva, jerusalem, …Jews should not be living in Israel…

That’s the real issue. That’s what kids are being educated with in Hamas schools, that s what Hamas and islamist leaders claim all day long…

Settlement is an excuse to hide the big tip of the ICEberg. and the “show” at the united nations is blidding people out.

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Jeronimo on September 28, 2011  · 

I always find very ironic that Israelies do not want to recognize the right to a Palestinian State… “because Palestinians does not recognize the right to an israely state”.

Come on guys, there is already an Israeli state and there is not a Palestinian one!!!!!

I think Israel should not be asked. What the hell, let Israel live without recognizing the right to a Palestinian State!

How ridiculous is this thing of having to acknowledge other states to be allowed to exist.

I think the problem is much deeper: Israel does not want to give up on their “right” of bombarding civilian populations and keep them as sub-humans. That is actually the problem.

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