My wife Nina and I were at the Olympic stadium last Thursday courtesy of Fon partners BT. The experience was very, very different from watching the Olympics on TV. While you are at the Olympic stadium there are many sports going on at the same time. Many times the crowd is confused or cheering for one event when another one is going on. Including Olympic medal ceremonies. On Thursday we saw Caster Semenya, the controversial female South African runner who was accused of being genetically a man and who went for a mysterious silver medal when it was obvious to most she could have gone for gold. I felt sorry for her but I can see why her rivals argue what they argue about her. We also saw Bolt running pass everyone else, including the other 2 Jamaicans who won the silver and bronze. It was one Jamaican celebration for a little country who deserves it. All this is in the slideshow.

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Adan on September 6, 2012  · 

Martin, I think it’s safe to assume that your followers don’t take an interest in the great life you live; no comments on this post and lots on the others. Maybe you can tell us about your struggles (if any), i.e. funding your education, starting your businesses, moving to a new country, etc. If this doesn’t spark an interest, then I don’t know what to tell you…

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