Together with our partner BT, we are launching The World’s Biggest Mexican Wave, an initiative to raise awareness of the BT FON community, which has been growing really fast and has now more then 70,000 members. This post is also an invitation to Foneros from around the world to join in this initiative which while mostly UK it can be joined by people from all over the world.

Why The Wave? Well, first of all it’s fun. Secondly a WiFi community is just like a Mexican Wave: people contribute with their individual (radio) wave, and the more people, the better it gets.


Anybody can be part of The Biggest Mexican Wave. Joining the wave is very easy, watch some tips on how to film and submit your own (you can use a webcam, a camera or your mobile phone). Once you upload your video you’ll be part of the world’s biggest Mexican wave, watch it on the website and try to spot yourself!

You can watch the entire Arsenal football team performing a great Mexican Wave for our BT FON community, or a video with Liverpool’s striker Peter Crouch teaching how to do the perfect robotic wave.

BT FON allows its members to connect for free in thousands of places around the UK and in the world. All BT broadband subscribers can automatically opt-in to join the BT FON Community, share their WiFi and roam the world for free. Of course all Foneros can roam for free on BT FON spots.

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