Last Friday, I met Pierre Chappaz, co-founder of Kelkoo and formerly head of Yahoo Europe. Pierre was one of the first to blog about FON in French, he’s an exceptional entrepreneur and I highly recommend his blog (for those who read French). Just as FON is a Spanish/European movement spreading worldwide, I think it’s time for us entrepreneurs who start companies in Europe to create another movement, one that aims to help Europe offer more opportunity to creative and innovative people, who think differently and who want to change things. Sadly, we’re too few entrepreneurs in this part of the world. Europe believes too much in the big company while Asia and the US kick our butts innovating. Lately, i’ve been forming alliances with all the european entrepreneurs we can collaborate with.

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Dimitar Vesselinov on December 19, 2005  · 

Help is on the way…Eastern Europe…

“How the young knowledge workers of Central Europe are pushing the region to a new level.”

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