This morning I went on a 34km bike ride around Paris. Problem is that Endomondo failed. As you can see in the link only the beginning of the bike ride came out, not the part of the route that you can see in the video below.

During the ride I was listening to RadioMe, the Android app that I’m developing which allows you to listen to your music and news (it reads Twitter updates, Facebook, Gmail, sms and other providers).

I also took some pictures.

The video was recorded with a Canon S95 and the pictures were taken with a Leica M9.

When I write articles like this I feel sorry for the people involved. I love Endomondo, the sports app for Android, Blackberry and iPhone and had been using it for 2 months. But then all my friends are in Runkeeper. A competitor which for some reason is much more popular. So yesterday I chose to leave Endomondo and go for Runkeeper. Unfortunately I don’t see a Blackberry application for Runkeeper. This could sometimes be a problem. I generally work out with a Blackberry and either an Android or iPhone and Runkeeper is in the latter two. But if I only have a Blackberry then I have to use Endomondo and export to Runkeeper.

Personally I like Endomondo better. I like how it either shows you the map or the work out on different screens, your fastest and slowest lap and other features I do not see in Runkeeper. But with Runkeeper I get to share and compete with all my friends and even people I don’t know my workouts and as we all know working out has to do with competition, even if Runkeepers calls it a “street team”.

I just wanted to thank Mayor Bloomberg who I had a chance to meet a few times and greatly admire for the new bike paths around the city. Here’s a ride I did today. It was phenomenal and mostly done on bike routes and bike paths, a lot of it in Harlem.

I take the opportunity to recommend Endomondo. What a great bike app!! I used it on an HTC Desire.

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