I just wanted to thank Mayor Bloomberg who I had a chance to meet a few times and greatly admire for the new bike paths around the city. Here’s a ride I did today. It was phenomenal and mostly done on bike routes and bike paths, a lot of it in Harlem.

I take the opportunity to recommend Endomondo. What a great bike app!! I used it on an HTC Desire.

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Marcos Di Fazio on August 30, 2010  · 

Gracias por la recomendación de endomondo, lo voy a probar, estoy usando my tracks pero a veces se interrumpe la grabación del recorrido.
No ando por NYC pero si por los campos de Pehuajó, pcia Bs As. acá te dejo un recorrido http://goo.gl/maps/yLj4

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Diarmuid Hayes on August 30, 2010  · 

Martin have you tried the bike paths that encircle Madrid? would you endorse them?
If only there was some urban ones through the city..someday maybe, there´s always hope 🙂

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Miguel Marcos on August 30, 2010  · 

I have little faith in the current local govt with respect to cycling, whether it be lanes, sharrows, promoting bike riding. Madrid is way, way behind Barcelona in this regard.

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Hugo Berlinches on August 31, 2010  · 

Vaya ahora que me habia acostumbrado al Cardio Trainer …

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Ken Berger on August 31, 2010  · 

Hi Martin,

it is indeed transformative. but wouldn’t you agree that you’re giving a LOT of credit to 1 man for this?

and unfortunately, it’s coincided with a recent much more unfriendly attitude towards motorcycles/scooters, which causes other urban ramifications.

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Hadi Kabalan on September 1, 2010  · 

The take-up of (almost free) bicycles provided to Londoners has been viral. Everywhere you look around people are on them. And I know several people who now use them to commute… For free, because their ride is less than 30mn… Fantastic idea! Hope they roll it out in other cities…

Me, I now walk to work. But these bicycles are perfect to roll from one area to another.

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Hadi Kabalan on September 4, 2010  · 

Of course, when I’m driving, I’m less of a fan of the cyclists slowing me down 🙂 But then, ‘speed’ in central london is measured in metres per hour, thanks to traffic lights programmed to never be in sync. Incidentally those were the same traffic planners that Ken Livingstone sent to mess up traffic in Caracas in exchange for free bus diesel for London.

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