When I write articles like this I feel sorry for the people involved. I love Endomondo, the sports app for Android, Blackberry and iPhone and had been using it for 2 months. But then all my friends are in Runkeeper. A competitor which for some reason is much more popular. So yesterday I chose to leave Endomondo and go for Runkeeper. Unfortunately I don’t see a Blackberry application for Runkeeper. This could sometimes be a problem. I generally work out with a Blackberry and either an Android or iPhone and Runkeeper is in the latter two. But if I only have a Blackberry then I have to use Endomondo and export to Runkeeper.

Personally I like Endomondo better. I like how it either shows you the map or the work out on different screens, your fastest and slowest lap and other features I do not see in Runkeeper. But with Runkeeper I get to share and compete with all my friends and even people I don’t know my workouts and as we all know working out has to do with competition, even if Runkeepers calls it a “street team”.

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