In the States there are many Muni WiFi projects in the works, but few are actually implemented. At FON we now have the first Muni WiFi project implemented and it took only 3 weeks to get it done. This happened in the village of Blanquefort in France.

Basically, it only took the major´s office to buy less than 1000 Foneras and give them away for free to strategically located inhabitants of this small town. Now there´s WiFi practically everywhere in town. In this very detailed video, which unfortunately is only in French (if you speak it and are a US presidential candidate Fon promises not to disclose your identity 😉 the leaders of the projects and various foneros (users of Fon) explain how they went about connecting Blanquefort to the internet via Fon WiFi.

I take the opportunity to thank Jean Bernard Magescas, our French Fonero leader, the rest of the FON team and especially the people of Blanquefort who I hope to visit soon with my WiFi gadget collection.

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21croissants on January 19, 2007  · 

Your post inspired me, I put a picture of FON hotspots in Blanquefort:

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