After launching the FONero Promise in Sweden and Denmark, FONspot orders exploded. In the 10 months previous to this week we had had 1500 FONspot in Sweden, but in the last 2 days we received 2900 orders of Swedes excited about getting their Foneras for free and without even have to give credit card information.

We have been told that a lot of teenagers who want to play WiFi games with their Nintendo DS or PSPs, and who do not yet have credit cards, are ordering Foneras. We love that as we believe that FON in the end will be used more by gamers, music and movie lovers than business people. It is in gaming, music and video streaming that WiFi is clearly better than 3G. If you check out the FON maps of Stockholm you will see more points appearing every hour. Points appear first in orange when FONeros registered and in green when they receive and connect their routers.

Denmark same thing, we doubled the number of FONeros yesterday alone and are getting close to 1000. Janus, my partner from Skype who is Danish, is helping me spread the word among his friends. Denmark seems to be one of those countries in which you don´t need to have 6 degrees of separation to know everyone, 2 seems enough!

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