What follows is my talk at IE on why European and all non US start ups may not want to move to Silicon Valley, at least not the whole company.

Martin Varsavsky at IE Venture Day from Martin Varsavsky on Vimeo.

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Alan Levy on May 19, 2011  · 

Classic Martin!!! Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

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Gerald MacKenzie Castro on May 19, 2011  · 

Inspiring talk! Gracias, Martin.

It is absolutely true that if you provide good employment in Spain, people wouldn’t leave for Silicon Valley. Same reason people would rather stay in New York!

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Damon Oldcorn on May 19, 2011  · 

Martin this was as good as I have seen in a long time in terms of framing your arguments and connecting with I assume a young audience. Did make me think back to when we built PhoneMe.com “the human voice of the web” and as you said trying to find that common bridge across the world. Concentrating on helping All Ireland these days in breaking out of their tech bubbles North and South. If ever in London love to catch up – surprised we have not met over the years.

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