I have 5 children. They go from 21 to a 6 month baby. My 21 year old daughter, has come up with an idea for a start up. She is implementing it. This was a surprise for me because until recently she had not shown interest in the start up world. She studies history at Columbia College in NYC.

I will not go into detail on what her Internet start up as that is for her to share and she will at the right moment. What I can say is that I heard what the plan is and it looks very feasible to me. And this is only partly because I think all my children are stars. It is actually a great, original idea and she could execute it very well. But while not sharing with you what her business is I will share with you what I said to her.

My daughter, I said, what you have is the “start up bug”. It is a bug so powerful that once infected with it you carry it for life. The dream of turning an idea into a company that millions use and enjoy never goes away. I don’t know if this start up will be successful but what I do know is that sooner or later you will be. Go for it!


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Adan on March 2, 2012  · 

Parental support is so important. Many famous and successful athletes, professionals, business owners, etc… would not be who they are today without it…

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Alex on March 2, 2012  · 

Nice =)

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Manuel on March 2, 2012  · 

Nice support!

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Lucas on March 5, 2012  · 

would you venture capital your daughter start-up? If yes, do you think you would be able to do your job without biases and priors? I am asking because in the near future I might be in your daughter position, and I am doubtful about the possibility of getting support from my relatives.

thanks in advance!

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Martin Varsavsky on March 5, 2012  · 

Good question, I have not invested in her start up. I help her with advise but not with funds. It’s about making it on your own. Which I am sure she can.

Ruben on March 6, 2012  · 

Martin, no offense and totally neutral, but do you really think that she would be able to start it up without, at least, some of your indirect founds? it is not only about if she would, but about if she’d dare….

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Martin Varsavsky on March 8, 2012  · 

My daughter is able to make it on her own partly because she is my daughter. And I was able to make it on my own partly because I was the son of Carlos Manuel Varsavsky. What I got from my father was an amazing education in all respects. What I hope I gave my daughter is very much the same thing.

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