On Monday we celebrated Nina’s birthday in the desert of Arizona. I love deserts, I proposed to Nina in another desert, the desert of Southern Morocco. I have been trying to understand the appeal of deserts to me and I think I have come up with something meaningful.

As opposed to a jungle, in the desert, you get the feeling that each plant, each cactus was a huge accomplishment. Each plant in the desert is…a start up!

Growing up without water, that’s what building a company feels like to me. Especially my start ups, in Spain, a desert in entrepreneurship. And that’s why I appreciate the gigantic cacti in the pictures. They grew up against all odds. Like Jazztel, Ya.com and now Fon.

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Adan on March 12, 2012  · 

A desert in entrepreneurship. You got that right, Martin. Last week Amancio Ortega moved up to the 5th richest person in the world. Incredible how many Spaniards were saying that they would be ashamed to come out on that list. When are people over there gonna realize that entrepreneurs create jobs? Ortega has created tens of thousands. Spaniards should aspire to be more like Ortega. I don’t think Spain would be in the situation it is in if they did…

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