In this video I show a shop in Paris that sells CDs for 5 euros and is quite crowded. Basically I argue that if the standard price for CDs was 5 euros piracy would go down.

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tiberiofonero on December 11, 2006  · 

Yes, the prices can depends on many things. There are Cd’s from the ’70 what they sell for 1 or 2euros and there are cd’s from the ’80 in the price range 4-10euros or less.
I don’t think those cd’s for 5euros is from this year..
We all know that there is big crisis in the music business about the “internet-mp3” but unfortunately the artists will earn less not the gigs…

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martinvives on December 11, 2006  · 

I agree.

I was in China 3 years ago and original CD’s costed around 3 euros. Must say that you could find them in the black market for 60cts.

Anyway, I think that if this measure had been aplied earlier, before piracy growed so much, it would had been easier for dicographic industry.

Plus, since prices are set by the market, I would asume that it might still be better for companies to sell less at a higher price than more with lower benefit margins.

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