In this video I compare the Sonos, Sansa Connect, iPod, N95, Blackberry 8800, and the iPhone on their ability to discover, obtain and play music.

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Paweł Zimoląg on July 30, 2007  · 

For me integration with is quite important (I see you use it too, Martin), and only iPods (tho 1st gen Shuffle (cheapest iPod one can get…) is problematic with…) and players able to use Rockbox firmare support scrobbling there…

Also I’m not sure how important is ability to play music without headphones on portable player…in house one can get much better quality from speakers/good headphones, and outside it’s irritating for people that surround you…

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ANN on August 8, 2007  · 

The baby is so beautifull

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