What Trump is doing as a conservative pro business candidate:

Rehash Obamacare without tackling the reasons why health care is so expensive which mainly are outrageous costs and margins for insurance companies, outrageous costs of drugs in the USA, artificially low amount of physicians, inappropriate meddling of liability lawyers into health care.

Attacking China our largest trade partner and biggest buyer of our debt that we need to run the huge deficits we have.

Attacking our third largest buyer of goods Mexico with an irrelevant an expensive project, the absurd wall.

Attacking the government forces that we so need to protect us from criminal activity and terrorism in the USA and abroad, the FBI and CIA.

Degrading our independent judiciary.

Insulting the press we need to keep those in power honest on a daily basis.

Increasing military costs at a time when the biggest threat we face is terrorism that is not solved by the military when the USA already spends more on the military than the next 7 powers combined.

Decreasing the funding of the agency that protects our environment.

Decreasing the funding of the State Department whose diplomacy is needed, in short showing the world that we want to spend more on guns and less on conversations.

Labelling a religion that accounts for one fifth of humanity (there are 330 million Americans and 1.6 billion Muslims) terrorists and banning many of its members from coming to the USA or making it harder for the rest. How is our economy made of 5% of the world´s population going to improve antagonizing 23% of the world´s population?

What Trump could be doing as a conservative pro business candidate:

Promote tax changes that create jobs:

Eliminate capital gains tax for anyone who uses the gains from a sale of real estate or financial assets to invest in private qualifying businesses that create jobs.

Health care changes that require going against the Pharma lobby:

Allow government to negotiate prices from pharma companies similar to those negotiated by European and Asian governments, allow importation of all medication already approved in the USA and manufactured by the same companies operating in the USA who tend to sell the same meds for half in other countries.

Go against certain environmental regulations but for a good reason:

Work with states to reduce environmental regulations for the construction of housing to alleviate the real estate tax that most Americans are paying.

Promote the construction of nuclear plants using newer and safer technologies, the best energy combinations to create a climate change free energy consumption is wind plus solar plus nuclear.

Fight the lawyer´s lobby

Cap lawsuit awards in all areas, litigation, health care.

Fight the medical lobby

Make it easier to become a doctor so in the USA we get to have as many doctors per capita as other developed nations.

Build rational infrastructure:

One example of rational infrastucture would be to build a national energy grid, this would go a long way promoting the development of wind and solar energy.

Legalize all illegal workers in the USA:

There are now 11 million illegal workers in the USA. Declare an amnesty and make those tax paying US residents. At the same time start include pictures into social security cards and turn them into a national id system like other nations have and make it much harder for employers to hire illegal workers. Increase fines for doing so. In short legalize those who are here and make it harder for others to come in not just at the border but as Europe effectively does, at the moment they try to get employed.

Fight crime via cash:

Most criminal activies require cash. A move to 100% electronic money would make the strongest hit on crime and tax evasion imaginable.

Make an alliance with China not Russia

China has a highly complementary economy to that of the USA and is 10x bigger than that of Russia. China and USA share in benefitting from a global free trade agenda.

Give basic health care to everyone, paid health care to those who can afford it

Just like we have a public school system for everyone and private schools for those who can afford it do not promise everyone to get the best level of health care and fail. Come up with a basic level of health care for everyone that will cover the vast majority of treatments but not all and then allow those who can afford it to buy better care. Also make it easier for people to chose to end their lives with dignity as most health care costs consists of end of life treatments many of which would not be chosen by patients or if incapacitated by their families. Promising every American complete choice in health care is something that USA just can’t afford but living some without health care is just criminal.

Note, this post is work in progress, I will be modifying it as I do more research. I do not point out each edit, I just improve the article.

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