A few months ago I published a list of what I call tweetphorisms (tweets + aphorisms). Here’s the second round! You can also check out my spanish list here.

  • I started Fon because I wanted WiFi everywhere. I recommend that your next start up solves a problem that is dear to you.
  • The Stop sign system is a waste of energy. They should replace Stop signs for Yield signs.
  • Twitter should allow you to hyperlink, it would look better and save characters.
  • Small victory in the world of the intercontinental traveler, an empty seat next to me.
  • If you want to understand Wikileaks 250K cables at a personal level think what would happen if all your emails were visible to everyone
  • As a father of four I can tell you that there is nothing genetic about sharing. The younger, the more selfish 🙂
  • Fashion can be interesting but expensive clothes rarely are
  • Having oil makes countries dumb
  • It is absurd to speak about gender equality, genders are by nature different. Feminist objective should be “equal pay for equal work.”
  • Twitter is like a classroom, of all the people you follow there are always a few who raising their hands all the time
  • Frequently people ask me to invest but even more frequently they ask me if I have key managers to recommend. People are more important than money
  • I know people who never update their software and somehow, they seem very happy
  • Religion is a proof that absurdity is more comforting than ignorance.
  • Unread messages should self destruct after a week and sender notified.
  • One of the key uses of Skype for me is that green check showing me whether I have connectivity or not.
  • There is a fine line between experience and prejudice
  • Europe must introduce the concept of personal bankruptcy if it wants people to take the business risks that innovation requires.
  • Entrepreneurs who are afraid of VCs taking over their company forget that VCs are VCs because they cant be entrepreneurs.
  • As much as you may like your smartphone or iPad, dont you love it when you go back to your laptop?
  • 3G is great (when you can’t find WiFi)
  • A weakness of democracy is that it takes very different skills to get elected than to govern.
  • Made in USA sells in USA, made in Japan sells in Japan, made in Germany sells in Germany, made in Spain does not sell in Spain, why?

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