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Skype should add Twitter to its app. It should then merge. How? By adding the s command and the t command in Twitter. So, when you are in Twitter, you can say @martinvars and get to me with anyone reading, or d martinvars, to write directly to me. But then you could also t martinvars and text sms me: s martinvars to skype me, or t martinvars to call me.

The easiest way to do this would be for Skype to buy a big Twitter client like Seesmic or Tweetdeck and integrate it into Skype.

The key here is that Skype already has people’s phone numbers because of Skype Out and these need to be merged with Twitter names.

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william fischer on May 10, 2010  · 

We’re just now testing integrating skype/twitter IDs into our product. Be interested to get your thoughts.

Part of the power of twitter is that it is both a publishing and a communications platform and that the integration with Skype would help round it out on the communication side. 140 characters has some inherent limitations. With the iPhone 4.0 allowing Skype to run in the background, skype will be a more important part of the mobile experience which is already an important part of the twitter ecosystem.

For this reason, we’re testing functionality allowing individuals to link skype accounts with their twitter account. We use semantic search to mine Twitter for job offers. In practice this means that someone can use our site to find a job offer and then link their twitter details and their skype name to the job tweet. The hiring managing can then instantly contact them.

You can see this here:
Simply click on the Skype logo beneath one of the jobs to be prompted to link your skype account to your twitter profile.


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luigi on May 10, 2010  · 

Thank for the idea: we would add to our client twitter direct message besides @martinvars, and text/sms to phone numbers since Skebby has access to phone contacts. As a symbol do you prefer :martinvars or d:martinvars ?
Then happy to take Skype call to discuss how to integrate the S and T function too 🙂

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Diego Waisman on May 13, 2010  · 

Sorry to be a little out of topic, but I was wondering if FON was involved with Paul English’s effort to develop low cost internet Wi-Fi access for Africa. I just read this article that seems like an interesting concept: Extending connectivity for one of the less connected continents on the planet.


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