I just announced at SIME Conference in Stockholm that between now and Christmas Swedish, Finnish and Danish FONeros can get their Foneras for free at FON. Pls do not be discouraged that it says 29.95 euros as the price when you go into our page. When you go to the Swedish, Danish and Finnish shops the Fonera is FREE for those countries. And not only it is free, we don´t even ask for credit card information.

But what we do ask and is very important is that you promise ot be a good FONero. It is a promise, not a contract. All you need to do is agree that you will keep your Fonera on or else pass it on to another FONero who says he/she will.

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tiberiofonero on November 23, 2006  · 

It is only my opinion: why do you give free fonera in the most richest countries of Europe where people can buy it? There are many countries where will be a lot of excelent foneros but they can only afford their adsl connection what is still very expensive there. For example: Lithuania; Poland; Slovenia; Hungary; Estonia, Czech Republic etc…. Yes, there would be the big foneria 🙂

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Denis on November 23, 2006  · 

Easy. They are prone to keep the fonera promise

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Martin Varsavsky on November 24, 2006  · 

you have a good point. I will think about this and come up with an answer for the Eastern European countries in the next 60 days. I have visited many of those countries, some as recently as last week. Btw my family comes from Eastern Europe although they left the region in the 1800s to go to Argentina.

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AIO on January 5, 2007  · 

Martin, this is a great idea. I’m from Poland and I’m waiting for special offer for foneros from my country. Btw, I’m fonero already, since 2 week’s, I did not to buy la fonera, and free la fonera will be a perfect gift.

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Charbax on December 12, 2007  · 

How about getting auto-FON-login into the firmwares of the Nintendo DS, Archos, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia N-series, and other new WiFi devices, so that a browser authentification wouldn’t even be needed. The user should type in their FON username and password once in their WiFi devices settings and it should auto-connect as soon as it detects a FON hotspot.

Anyways I am very happy with this promotion, I hope this will quickly blanket my nabourhood cause I want to do some VOIP, video-streaming, browsing, blog loading, webradio buffering from the streets of Copenhagen.

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