OpenBC is a super succesful web site that links business people around the world. It is relatively new and growing fast. I joined a month ago, encouraged by my friend Ola Ahlvarsson from Sweden, and did not think much of it. Surprisingly, two days after joining, an executive from a large multinational contacted me with a project that they wanted to do teaming up with an entrepreneur. Even more suprisingly, I found the project so interesting that we now have a letter of intent signed and hopefully I will soon be able to announce that we are launching it.

I also had a chance to have dinner last night with Lars Hinrichs, the founder of OpenBC. Lars is a very smart focused German entrepreneur. While only 28 his out of fashion clothes make him look older, which I guess at his age it´s still a plus. Lars and I had a long conversation about the future of OpenBC. It was one of those unusual situations in which it wasn´t him selling his company to me but the other way around. Lars has so many high purchasing power people in his portal that it is a matter of time that he starts generating money in many other ways than charging monthly fees. OpenBC members enter the community to network. Soon they will enter it to buy and sell products and services and that will turn OpenBC into a very focused eBay. Ideas for sale? Why not?

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Xavier on June 17, 2005  · 

Thanks for the advice, fantastic web for entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs.

So thanks to to introduce me to this website, and Thanks Martin to introduce openBC

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