As you know, a week ago we offered a new way to get the Fonera in Germany in which basically if a German FONero promised to keep his Fonera on we would send it to him/her for free. Our objective here was to quickly get enough router orders to be the number one WLAN/WiFi (same thing in Germany they call it WLAN) network in Germany.

Well, I have good news and bad news to report. The good news is that the offer was widely successful and that we got over 6000 orders in a week (our target was 4500 which is the number of access points reported by T Mobile) of which the first 1000 shipped already. The bad news is that we are quickly running out of routers and that in 6 more days (next Friday at midnight) the offer ends and after that we will charge 29 euros per router (shipping and VAT included). Same is true for Austria.

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