I am at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, where Laura Bush just gave a speech about all these wonderful things that the Bush Administration is doing around the world (please feel free to read wonderful in whatever tone you feel comfortable with). As she spoke different pictures were shown. This one showing the Bush Family and Bono caught my eye.


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Juan Calcagno on September 20, 2006  · 


It shouldn’t surprise you, though.
Almost a year ago when Bono was here in D.C. on a U2 world tour concert, President Bush invite him over to to continue their talks that started a few months earlier at Scotlant’s G8 Summit. He was asking Bush to include more funds of the US budget sent to fight AIDS in Africa.
In that meeting, not sure if the picture belongs to it, Bono said that if the price to get those funds was to stop talking against the war in Irak, he was willing to pay that price. Not that he was supporting that war, he especifically said he was on the other side, but that he thought it wasn’t fair he manifested against the man who gave him money for his cause.

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