I just read the New York Times article on Fon. It´s well researched, worth reading. What´s great about the article is that it shows what it is to try to build a global wireless network on a day to day basis. In this struggle you meet great partners such as Google, who invested with Fon, or skeptics such as Apple, or telcos who ignore you while others embrace you.


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XL on May 25, 2008  · 


But you have lost a nice opportunity…

If you have done the pictures in Torrenova instead of done it Alcobendas, now you will have a nice tool to put pression over Cala Portet city hall, to obtain renovation permits, and that they allow you to incorporate the “unnoficial and not legally constructed buldings” to the deeds of Torrenova…

For sure that the city hall would be proud to read it on NYT that his small village has an important internet meeting, that takes 3 pages of NYT.

Also is good for the major to explain that thanks to his participation, you’re developing this activities, that left money in the city, give them international, and also is an unpayable opportunity to his village assist to the open meeting with this big brains and investors…

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peter on May 25, 2008  · 

listen! public decisions should be based on a legal basis, not on “pr” in NYT or whatelse ever! this way shouldnt be “the spanish method” in united europe …. my opinion

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Max Navarro on May 25, 2008  · 

For xl:

I would love to think you are right, but, knowing Spanish politicians, I doubt it very much.

It needs an smart guy to sell the NYT impact to your constituents, plus some vision.


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William Loughborough on May 25, 2008  · 

So nice to find a “fellow-traveler” for universal connection. You might like http://inamidst.com/misc/tenten from several years ago which espouses the ideals you seem to embody.


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Tim on May 26, 2008  · 

Great article, Mr Varsavsky. You are an inspiration and model for entrepreneurs.

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Pedro Assunção on May 27, 2008  · 

just finished reading the article.

Martin, from now on your like a personal here to me!

The way you responded to Steve Jobs is just amazing… few have the guts to do that. I would love to do the same thing.
He is arrogant and over confident. the Iphone is great product and i want one, but i hate the ideia of being forced to use one particular operator or service.
We want freedom… like the freedom fon gives us. If i have to hack the iphone to have that freedom, then so be it.

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