Last year I studied photography with Mauro Fuentes of Fotomaf. Learning with Mauro was a fantastic experience. In general I think that photography must be the art that most people do with the least amount of studying. And it is clear to me that some studying greatly improves your ability to take pictures. Here´s an example of my photography now. I don’t know if you will like them, but what I can say is that before I used to dislike my own photography and now I am happy with it. I wish somebody could do with my voice, for example, what Mauro did with my ability to take pictures. Studying photography is like discovering yourself.

So as a result of what I learned in photography I am now studying video. Today I had my first class with Valentín Alvarez. Here’s an example of his work. It’s amazingly beautiful.

How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? (DOP,Teaser of a film documentary) from Valentin Alvarez on Vimeo.

Teaser of the documentary film of which I am the director of photography

Now this is my first homework. It’s in Spanish. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II with the latest software upgrade. I was taught to shoot in 1920X1080 25. I learned how to change aperture, speed, white balance, how to focus by zoming first and then going wide angle, how to adjust for different light conditions while shooting a scene. A lot of what I learned with Mauro is applicable to what I am learning with Valentín. Valentin also told me to buy a visor, a stand, a manual focus wheel and some other video related enhancements for my camera. The good news is that I don’t need to buy a new camera.

Deberes de mi primera clase de video con Valentín Alvarez from Martin Varsavsky on Vimeo.

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Rodrigo on May 5, 2010  · 

¡Great! that are the basics tricks for newbie cameramans 😉 but rememeber that you travel a lot. If you buy extras for the camera, you will have to carry with it on every travel. You don’t need a visor neither a focus wheel. Maybe you will need a ‘steady’ and too much practice.

The best to film on 5D, 7D or 550D is the light weight. Try to film simply and learn edit and postproduction using Final Cut and Color.

If you want to buy something, buy a mic, a light weight tripod, a steady system (like glidecam) and a ND variable Filter. And, if you want to go simple with de focus, buy a ring not a focus wheel.

You can try my camera gear (monitor, mic, dolly, …) and you will see that you dont need anything else. You only will need the camera, practice and some talent 😉

Take a look to this making of:

And here you have the result:

And remember: you will discover that the secret is in the edit, the color and too much practice.

Saludos 🙂

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wixho on May 7, 2010  · 

all these (photography and videos are great!!),
I bought a nikon d90 like two months ago but work so hard that dont have time to learn about this (hope my wife does).
However I wonder what can drive a typical entrepreneur to learn these type of artistic skills.

1)Passion for something new (not economic return expected in the near future).
2)Passion for something new (economic return expected in the near future).
3)not passion at all, just new skills to start a new venture in the near future.

just thinking…,

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