The EU has been tougher on monopolies than the American antitrust authorities. This has been good for Europe and bad for America. In Europe we have an amazing choice of fixed line internet providers for example. In the USA, there is generally one DSL provider and one Cable provider per territory. As a result, we have more bandwidth for less money. This is surprising because, in general, there is more choice at a better price for a lot of goods and services in the USA, including cars, banking and financial services, gadgets, etc. But the problem with the USA is that sometimes lobbying is more influential than the common good. In Europe, our career public servants seem to be less immune to lobbying (although not always, and banking, for example, seems to be an exception and most countries protect their local banks).

But recently, the EU has given us more choice in Europe. This time is the freedom to choose our browser. But as this survey shows most Europeans, around three quarters of them, are not aware of this choice. It turns out that Spain is the country with the lowest browser choice awareness in Europe.

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