Being an entrepreneur and starting a business in Europe is not easy. Luckily there are great initiatives like my friend Saul Klein‘s Seedcamp, an event that gives young entrepreneurs with a business idea the chance to spend a week in London with Europe’s top entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. Additionally, out of 20 startups selected to participate, 5 winners will be chosen to get seed funding (€50K each for a 10% stake) and world-class connections and mentorship to start their business.

If a team that is selected agrees to take the investment, they will move to London for a 3-month period, during which they’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of mentorship on issues like scaling the business, raising funding and M&A and access to the same experts that participated in the Seedcamp event.

Applications for this year’s second edition will close on Sunday August 10th, so if you want a chance to be part of the 20 teams that will take part in the event send your application now!

I will be part of the advisor group, along with Niklas Zennstrom (Joost, Atomico), Michael Birch (Bebo), Brent Hoberman (, Mydeco) and other experienced entreprenurs.

Below is a nice video summary from last year’s event.

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martiger on August 2, 2008  · 

Reading your blog and looking for your business till today I thought that for You Martin EVERYTHING IS EASY, JUST SOMETIMES TAKES TIME, but theres second post in a row starting with words “… is not easy. ”
Mistakes are the best lesson – what i do belive, and all sucess we make are really not success. When you earn a million dollar i will ask wy only a million not two. And what I do wrong.
The real succes I can make is make more people happy, money are not worth anything. When I started thinking first about others not about myself and my wallet i start been more happy and have much more money. 🙂

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