USA is by far our number one country in the world in number of Foneros. We have so many opportunities in the States, that I decided to take advantage of the European summer break and go to the States for a month beginning July 11th. I will first go to the Allen and Co conference in Sun Valley, then to the Bay Area for 2 weeks and then to the NYC area for 10 days.

I have already planned meetings with many telcos, ISPs, content companies, technology companies, our investors Google and eBay and others. It should be a lot of fun. So while I will not get a vacation, I promised my wife and 3 kids that I will work weekdays from 9 to 4 and rest will be with them. Let´s see if this works out.

Family vs work, the TOUGH balance. In any case if you would like to meet with me vis a vis FON pls write contact me and I see what I can do.

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steve on July 6, 2006  · 

hi im the jewish guy in murcia spain
selling FON where u share your idle online time with others who want to leech off of you. When youre out ,u can offer the internet to passer byers in the street who have wifi and are members of the fon community GREAT IDEA!!
What about sharing phonelines too? i pay to call out with skype but wouldnt it be great if i could net to net voip with someone and then jump to his phoneline where he pays unlimited local or national and make my call without anybody paying extra? a community where we share our IDLE phoneline time..the program would carry u to a net to net connection with a member who offers his her phone. The connection would be in that computer…no going out of the net and paying the public jump from sim to ptsm?…it would happen be between 2 members of a comminity The call would go via phone lines to internet then jump back to the phoneline.Thejump out of the net would be in someones house with a connection between the computer and the phone. Telefonica will hate this idea but with so many paying 24 7 national calling, why not share this with foreigners?…Im steve marcus in spain..

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Brad on July 11, 2006  · 

I agree with Steve’s comment on sharing idle phone time. Free World Dialup (FWD) used to do so with a SIP device that support FXO/FXS. Around the time of 9-11, I believe that portion was shut down, probably due to fear, as many members of FWD were in countries that were known to have “terrorists”. Now FWD is more like Skype where there’s in/out fees. It’s a great idea that could be brought back, and hopefully since Foneros (Linus) are known and “Aliens” if paying will be known as well (payment will have to be made in a secure fashion). Keeping records of the location/transaction will be important to ensuring that if laws are broken, records for law enforcement exist. Otherwise any phone sharing on FON could follow the same fate. The new social router may need some sort of GPS chip so that FON has accurate records of where indeed these social routers are in the world.

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