Today´s NY Times breaks the story of how FON plans to work with Skype. Basically what you see here is a FON Social Router inside the cradle and a WiFi handset that is Skype ready.


The picture appears printed in the paper edition of this story. What we designed here is the most social phone around because it not only works in YOUR cradle but it works in the cradle and social router of any other fonero (FON member who shares WiFi).

Lebanese Lesbian anti War on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I just saw this woman demonstrating in Manhattan, near city hall.  She and her friends had these signs on their back.  Being a man, she made me feel ashamed of my gender.  If there´s one horrible thing we as men are responsible for is war.   Yes there are some women  who go to war but there are very few.  War nowadays is mostly young men being led by older men killing mostly innocent civilians, many times women and children.

When I was a teenager I once heard somebody say that wars were a conspiracy by old people to get rid of young people. While I know this vision is simplistic lately I see that wars seem to be a conspiracy of combatants to get rid of civilians on the other side. The Iraqi war has been like that with the United States conducting air bombardments knowing that in many cases civilians and not terrorists will bear the brunt and with terrorists targeting civilians either directly or indirectly. And now the same is true in the Israel/Lebanon war.
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Tired of tying up your laptop when uploading and downloading? Try the FON Liberator.

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FON is a social movement to spread the benefits of information technology to as many corners of the world as possible. But a social movement is not enough without an important educational component. This is what I have already done with and Educar Chile. Now it is FON’s turn to look towards important educational channels for spreading its message. Thus, FON has signed an agreement with GenevaLogic, one of the world’s leading providers of educational classroom software. GenevaLogic has more than 50.000 installations running and will bundle FON Social Routers with their “Vision – software packet”. This way schools and their students (ie, in computer & physics classrooms and teachers lounges) will have WiFi access. The lack of Internet and information technology access will be immediately removed from these schools. Any school interested can have the Vision Software bundled with FON Social Routers and operate the routers as a BILL or as a LINUS.

Geneva Logic will also help FON to make 5 EUR FON Social Routers accessible for teachers and students and help to bundle orders and minimize shipping costs.

Peter, thank you for this! This is really great and should motivate many schools to become FON enabled and connected. We hope that universities will soon follow!

When I studied in the States, at Columbia University in the 80s, the Reagan Administration had put out a huge campaign called “Say No To Drugs”. As I come to visit America in the 00’s, I can´t think of a better campaign to start than one that simply says “Say No To Food”.

My weight has fluctuated between 76kg and 80 kg over the last 10 years, but when I visit America coming from Spain, and stay for a while (this time for a month), I invariable gain weight.
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The FON community in Italy is growing: Elitel Telecom and FON have signed signed a memorandum of understanding by which Elitel will enable all its customers to become part of the FON community. This is great, as it’s our first ISP partnership in Italy and we are happy to welcome more partners to FON. Amongst others, Elitel will pre-install the FON software in all Wi-Fi CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) such as WiFi routers and Wi-Fi modems shipped to its customers.

During our meetings with Microsoft, we had heard that the company was preparing a huge move into the music player arena using WiFi as its main weapon.

The lack of WiFi on the iPod is becoming Apple´s achilles hill and companies like Microsoft and Music Gremlin are exploiting it.
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What I am going to say is obvious. If you love technology the Bay Area, aka Silicon Valley and aka San Francisco and its surrounding areas, is the place to be. But what follows is an illustration of the obvious, namely what I can accomplish when, instead of working out of my office in Madrid, I am here in Silicon Valley. I write this post at 4:09pm and this is what I did since 7:45am this morning including my meetings with Meg Whitman, Chad Hurley and Blake Krikorian.
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Today I decided to rename our project known as the FON Downloader as the FON Liberator as the key idea of this new device, which we hope to launch around October, is not so much that it allows you to download/upload as you can do that from your laptop as that it frees up your laptop from the hassles of downloading/uploading.
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