…is that many times they show you how the tech world should be. And, if you love Mac, but sometimes need other operating systems, you will love this hack. It´s an MSI Wind Netbook U100 with 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive that has 40GB devoted to Ubuntu, 40GB devoted to Windows and 80GB devoted to Leopard (MAC). In this video, I show how easy it is to change from operating system to operating system all in this $390 wonder that beats many computers at some pretty useful measures as portability and battery life. Enjoy, and build your own!

Thanks to Pablo of Fon for helping me. Here´s his cooking recipe.

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polac on February 17, 2009  · 

It could be even better if we could run all three OS in one Qcore pc with 3 hdmi monitor..using the same keyboard and mouse, just changing from one monitor to another. Ask Pablo. thanks.

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Jaime on February 17, 2009  · 

Polac’s comment would indeed be awesome… can that be done?

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Tomas Varsavsky on February 19, 2009  · 

Virtualisation has come a long way, I use Parallels on my MBP. I’m a developer so quite often I have my developer tools running on my MBP, while at the same time a couple of VMs running Windoze and various flavours of Linux. Memory consumption gets to be an issue after 3-4 VMs but In general I have no problems with it. With Coherence mode, you can even run Windows applications hosted by the VM but displayed as just another windows in OS X. I don’t have to re-boot to switch between operating systems, just alt-tab 🙂

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Martin Varsavsky on February 19, 2009  · 


I must take lessons from you! Wish u were closer.

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