What you will see in this video, is that what movies show about America…is actually true.

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Stackhouse on July 6, 2008  · 

Hi Martin!

I usually read your blog in spanish and in english as well. Congratulations for both of them.

In Spain there are important motorbikes parades like this but not so big. This one is amazing, I have never seen one like this.

I have read that Aspen is a great intellectual and recreational destination as well as a good place to do business. What kind of important activities can people enjoy there?


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Ivan Jimenez on July 14, 2008  · 

Amazing eh?
Back in 2001 I had the chance to live in LA.
Upon arrival it became obvious that I needed a car (you really cannot survive without one in the US)… and then I thought.. hold on a second.. what is the point of spending half of my life stuck in traffic jams?
So, to my girlfriends desperation, I got myself a Harley, a Softail that I went on to customize and turn into a real bad ass machine.
September 11 was the sign that it was time to come back to the old world so my Harley and I found our way back to Madrid.
There is something unique about those bikes, but the best of all is the incredible feeling that you belong to a different “tribe”…
Here.. you will enjoy this



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