Our 2006 targets were to have 25,000 foneros by the end of 2006. But we went from 3000 to 17,500 in 15 days and this is without yet activating ISPs to be Fon ready, without having routers makers sell their routers fon ready and without executing our strategy to appear in other major web sites. At this point our 20 employees are seriously overworked. It´s been a crazy two weeks. We are hiring, looking at the best way to grow from 20 to around 40 people. We need people in biz dev country by country as well as software and systems people. I also want to apologize for those who have had trouble signing up or buying our routers. I know there were moments in which our servers were down. But anyone who joins FON these days should know that this is a start up and that we are all doing what we can to deliver routers and simplifying the overall process of becoming a fonero. It is clear that we underestimated the interest that FON would generate. But we are getting there. Now the great news is that while our first firmware version had created a lot of complains our new firmwares both dd-wrt and openwrt as modified for FON seem to be very robust and the first installed routers are operating well.

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teleken on February 22, 2006  · 

I live in California , if there is any way I can help. I offer my time in any manner , voluntarily to help get this project off the ground. I can do PR work e-mail responses or any other kinds of clerical work. If you like , your grand vision of helping a lot of people to realize the importance of inexpensive broad access is worth my time to help. Please forward This post to the appropriate people. If you like.

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Cem Dalgic on February 23, 2006  · 

For all German Foneros:
Today, Martin is talking about “Linus” and “Bill”


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