Our home in Madrid is called Casavars. It was designed by the Spanish Architects Acebo y Alonso. I recently started photography lessons. I am on to my second class. My teacher is Spanish photographer Mauro Fuentes who is also Spain´s number one photography blogger. His blog is called Fotomaf. I have a detailed post in Spanish on my latest lesson and what I learned about using tripods, developing with Lightroom and overall handling of my camera, a Canon 50D (not yet the 5D) with two lenses: a fixed 1.2 85mm and a 24-70 2.8 Zoom.

Here are my pictures:

And here are Mauro´s pictures:

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David on November 8, 2009  · 

Una hermosa fotografia de una hermosa casa. La sensación de estar dentro y fuera a la vez con esos ventanales de arriba-abajo que mete la naturaleza dentro del hogar y saca la comodidad del hogar fuera debe ser fantastica.

La linea es tambien hermosa, aunque supongo que no has querido gastar el dinero suficiente como para poner titanio estilo Gugemheim y de dia con el color del hormigon perdera bastante.

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Paul RODTS on November 8, 2009  · 

Martin, you are already taking very special and interesting pictures.
Your own style is very to the heart of the matter.
Even your pictures of in my opinion ‘not so beautiful japanese cities’ were amazingly full of soul.
The risk of taking courses is that some people change their style and loose their spontaneity.
I think that you have to keep in mind that you’re a natural.
I wish you a good experience while taking the courses and that you keep
surprising us, and by requiring an outside influence, growing in your own style.
The best pictures are made without too much thinking.
Keep us informed.

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Martin Varsavsky on November 8, 2009  · 

thank you Paul, will keep that in mind

antoin O Lachtnain on November 26, 2009  · 

I think your pictures have more of a geometry about them than Mauro’s. Maybe that is because you know the property so well and were involved in its design and planning. Mauro’s have the edge from the point of view of texture, light and shade.

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