In this video I apologize for the enormous pick up truck that I have in my farm in the States but explain that until gas prices in the States don´t approach those of Europe and Japan US consumers can´t be blamed for driving these beasts. In my case the truck is being used at a farm which makes a little more sense.

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yani on September 4, 2008  · 


just to let you know : cannot see the video on google chrome.

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yani on September 4, 2008  · 

true what you say, but americans have to drive more for their everyday life – e.g. grocery shopping – than europeans, meaning driving is really a basic right in many places (if you have kids, mom is the driver to take you to all kind of events, easy a couple of hrs per day driving). if i travel the US not being in nyc or sfo city, then i really need a car otherwise i am completely stuck whereas in many european places you really can get around pretty well without a car – places are much closer and public transportation is better. extreme case is my country: apartment complexes that are big enough to self-sustain. In our complex we have groceries, supermarket, bakery, beer gardens, laundry, hairdresser, dvd/book rental, a couple of nursery/kindergardens, restaurants, piano-school, sports-complex, swimming pool, outside theatre, sports facilities for kids etc etc., all in walking distance. so for everyday life no car is needed.

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Roetzen on September 5, 2008  · 

Martin, one may ask why in these times of global warming you keep the farm in the first place. Not only is that truck very unfriendly to the environment, you flying up and down all the time to be there, does not help to reduce CO2 levels either.

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Mike Gross on September 5, 2008  · 

So True! Except there are many of us who are ecologically friendly, but we are sadly not the majority right now. I believe that will change as energy prices become higher with scarcety.
Maybe this election will bring a policy change better for the environment. Keep up the good work.

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