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Wow!!! Accel Partners just raised $1bn in this awful market. I have never had Accel as an investor in any of my companies but over the years I have met some of the partners such as Simon Levene had a good overall impression of the firm overall (although my favorite VCs are still Index Ventures). Still it seems that some guys with serious investment funds were impressed enough to entrust a billion dollars to Accel. All this while LPs are supposed to be defaulting on Vcs. Impressive and maybe a good sign of a market turnaround.

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Niko on December 12, 2008  · 

Market turnaround not yet in sight if you ask me. I predict that markets in March/April 2009 will be down from what they are now. Saludos, Niko

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Michael Gebert on December 12, 2008  · 

i am sure Accel did already some nice investment possibilities lined up when they pitched for the new money injection – mark my words when you will some fine investment moves from Accel very soon – Just the Best, Michael

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