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I just read this warning about blogging from top blogger Robert Scoble:

Since I have been taking the time and slowing down and enjoying life more with family and friends and I’ve found that my blog’s traffic is going down (I’ve been doing that after Om Malik had his heart attack and other bloggers have died).

My view is that in some cases there could be something unhealthy about the way some people live to blog. Especially if they make a living from blogging and compete for advertising. In my case blogging is mostly about annotating life. It´s something I always did. I used to collect private notes in written form. Now they are digital annotations and most of the times shared with others.

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Paul RODTS on December 14, 2008  · 

To all bloggers, eat regular and eat healthy food, use your computer max 4 hours a day and walk every day 8 km….

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yani on December 16, 2008  · 

Blogging can be lethal, no doubt – like anything that disturbs your balance in life.
Martin, you say that your blog is like taking notes, but actually if you really count the amount of time that you spent on your blog directly and indirectly, it probably will be more than you think … I think blogs are great and I always wondered and admired people doing it consequently at a high level because it eventually will require a whole chunk out of your life.

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neoyorquina on December 16, 2008  · 

If someone is blogging for a living, it is a grueling cycle keeping the beast (the audience) happy and fed. So, yes, blogging can be lethal. I think most people who aspire to become professional bloggers (i.e. earn their living through blogging) need to develop other revenue streams like consulting, coaching, membership sites, etc. to not have to be so dependent on the ad revenue that comes from having a high traffic web site.

Martin, your blog is incredible and I take my hat off to you for its quality and frequency in posts (both in English and Spanish). There are days where you provide more content and interesting commentary than some daily newspapers’ op-ed pages.

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