Meebo similar to the Fring on a PC idea that I had but without Skype, voice video, and file transfers it seems. Also it falls short of my other idea which was to visualize messenging platforms in a Second Life mode.

Fotolog´s founder Adam Seifer and its CEO John Borhwick came to see me. Can you believe that according to Alexa Fotolog has more visits than Flickr? The secret is scarcity. You can only upload one picture a day and that picture is so carefully chosen that a whole community is built around it. Amazing.

GML is part of the solution to my PST to Gmail question but I found it very difficult to use. I still think there needs to be a site in which you upload PST or Mbox files like you upload videos or pictures and that these show up in your Gmail or soon in Yahoo cause Yahoo will give unlimited email.

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steven on April 24, 2007  · 

Meebo…long time no see… used it when University/company closed msn/icq/… ports on the firewall…or disallowed installing those chat applications in the first place 🙂

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Fernando on April 27, 2007  · 

Lo que sería un muy buen negocio es una mezcla de con

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