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According to a recent report from Admob, a company bravely and so far successfully competing with Google on mobile advertising, today about 8% of requests to their servers come from WiFi networks, while the same was 3% in August. Use of WiFi from mobile devices is increasing thanks to devices like the iPhone, T-Mobile’s G1, and WiFi-enabled Blackberry phones spreading really fast.

Interestingly on iPhones 42% of requests come from WiFi, while for other WiFi phones the average is between 10-20%. According to Om Malik this is due to AT&T’s spotty 3G coverage and to the company’s efforts to offload traffic to WiFi. I believe what also plays a big role is the great job Apple did integrating WiFi on the device and the fact the OS on the iPhone forces bandwidth hungry applications to use WiFi whenever it’s available, saving huge costs to the network operators and giving users better speed and service. This proves that 3G and WiFi are more complementary than competitive and grow in tandem.

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I just read this warning about blogging from top blogger Robert Scoble:

Since I have been taking the time and slowing down and enjoying life more with family and friends and I’ve found that my blog’s traffic is going down (I’ve been doing that after Om Malik had his heart attack and other bloggers have died).

My view is that in some cases there could be something unhealthy about the way some people live to blog. Especially if they make a living from blogging and compete for advertising. In my case blogging is mostly about annotating life. It´s something I always did. I used to collect private notes in written form. Now they are digital annotations and most of the times shared with others.

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