Participants at last year´s March 11th Summit (which my foundation, Safe Democracy, organized together with Club de Madrid) have been asking me if we plan to repeat last year´s event. Same has been asked by participants in the very productive Atocha Workshop. We have been debating this issue at Safe Democracy and we have decided that rather than trying to bring 1300 personalities to Madrid this year for March 11th 2006 we will invest in generating an ongoing web based dialogue on how to achieve the goals that have been set by the Madrid Agenda. If you are a participant of last year´s March 11th Summit or if you were not able to join us but do feel that you have relevant content on this subject or on the more broader subject of how to promote democracy around the world do write to Martin Varsavsky I will be pleased to provide you with writing privileges at our web site. We are looking for short articles of around 500 words. As you can see the Safe Democracy website has a google ranking of 7 which means that your article is very likely to appear as one of the top google results when others show interest in the same topic thereby generating a lively debate.

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Wolfgson on January 16, 2006  · 

Although it is not directly related to this topic, I’d like to hear your opinion about The Atman Foundation and his founder Mr. Farshad Zandi.

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