Predictify is a prediction platform where users can predict the future and build a reputation based on their accuracy. It’s a website aggregating collective wisdom, in the belief that a large group of normal people can better predict the outcome of uncertain events then a small group of experts. On Predictify you can find all kinds questions and predictions, from stock to pop culture, to US presidential elections. For example, the state of California recently began marrying gay and lesbian couples, so on Predictify you can now find questions such as First California Gay Divorce. More interesting questions are on the site, such as who will be Obama’s vice president or will Yahoo remain an independent company through the end of 2009.

Users can build a reputation based on their accuracy, and even get paid if they answer “premium” questions, such as questions asked by a marketer or a brand, for which Predictify charges who is asking and shares part of the revenue with the people who answer. Clever.

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