Now that we’re planning our launch in the US, i realised that our political activism to create a WiFi nation isn’t that original in this country. Andrew Rasiej, a politician from New York, has his whole campaign based on the idea of creating a WiFi New York. The difference between FON and his campaign agenda isn’t the objective, but rather, the method. Mr. Rasiej WiFi approach requires a multi-million dollar investment in WiFi network infrastructure. The FON approach aims at citizen collaboration whereby citizens are asked to download this free software, install it on their router and place their newly converted FON access points on their window sill. The other obvious difference is the fact that Mr. Rasiej is a politican and I am an entrepreneur. But if there is one thing we have in common, it is our dream to see a mobile internet for everyone become a reality.

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isaac b on November 21, 2005  · 

To see what new york city thinks (to start the BUZZ there) maybe it could be great to get an article talking about FON in the village voice paper, nuyorkers are tech freaks, I am sure they are gonna love it.

Village voice is the paper that everyone* reads in the city, well, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I am trying to get the email from the tech/internet dept of village voice now.

*every student, every person is looking for anything really.

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